What is a Bowie knife?

Jim Bowie became famous mainly due to his masterful handling of knives and his legendary fighting skills. The infamous sandbar duel in Mississippi brought him more fame. He won the fight with a type of knife that known later as the “Bowie knife” around the world should be. This first Bowie Messer was a gift from Jim Bowie’s brother and James Black was made by a blacksmith named.

What is a Bowie knife?

The shape of the Bowie knife is considered typically American, although this form was inspired by contemporary Spanish folders. The most striking feature is the clip-point, where dives down the back of the blade, to ultimately form the top. The function of the clip point is to tighten the blade and make it thus better for needle attacks. The back can be a clip point, must be but not sharp.

There are many materials that can be used to serve as blades of Bowie knives. Stainless steel is often used to establish a durable blade that is also resistant to rust.

Cheap blades made of other materials make sharpening unnecessarily difficult and usually not long the sharp cutting edge.

Apart from the quality of the steel of the blade, the quality of the handle is another factor that should be taken into consideration when purchasing a Bowie knife. If the knife is to be used for hunting or other outdoor activities, a firm grip under various conditions and environmental conditions is important. An outdoor knife should be well to keep in cold or wet weather and also on the skin or gutting animals.


This Bowie knife comes with a seven-inch blade from 1095 CRO-van steel. It was originally manufactured for American soldiers, who fought in the Second World War and therefore emblem to United States Marine Corps that is impregnated.

A leather sheath “Made in Mexico” is as well.

This knife is also a distinctive oval-shaped leather handle, which allows both durable, as also a safe grip when it is wet. The head is narrow and sharp, so it is the perfect tool to the pastures of wild.

Users praise the stability of the knife, as well as a razor-sharp blade and the ease with which she again and again can be sharpened in the field.

The KA-BAR marine combat knife has a good reputation when it comes to survive in the wilderness.

Often, it is also a valuable gift from ex-soldiers.

It is suited for the intended purpose, namely as a general purpose knife, as well as combat or self-defense.


The blade of this knife is made of thick stainless steel and measures 7 cm. It has a serrated knife back, making it a very effective saw. The handle is made of a rubberized and corrugated metal, which allows for a comfortable hold.

The blade and the handle together add up to a huge 38, 2cm juggernaut, what makes a useful tool for various tasks in the wild jungle master.

Users found it useful for different tasks. From hunting to the deployment as a machete, as well as for cutting or chopping wood. Many have the knife, as tough and resilient, which holds its edge well and long.

The handle is stable and comfortable to hold. While knife are practical tools that serve the single purpose to be used, many of the aesthetics of the knife were impressed. The jungle King hunting knife could easily as a decorative piece go through, if it is not used for hunting or survival holiday/activities.

The complete package comes with a knife and a Nylon Sheath.


The Smith and Wesson Bullseye search and rescue Bowie Messer has a blade that measures 15 cm. It is made steel from 440 stainless, which is extremely hard. The grip is rugged and made of lightweight aluminum with a rubber coating which reduces the risk of slipping in wet conditions.

Those who have purchased this knife, have found that of robust and capable is to defy a harsh.

Many users have also noted that the relatively small size of the blade of the knife can be quite useful. The blade at the points can be used when lack of space better, where a longer blade could become a problem.

Smith and Wesson Bowie-Messer, Bullseye

The blade is robust enough so that it can be used to dig and cut wood. Included the Smith and Wesson Bullseye Fixed Blade Knife enclosed with steel reinforced Nylon Sheath and a sharpening stone can be used to give the blade a razor-sharp blade.

When hunting or camping in the Woods, the quality of a knife is essential for survival. A knife should be carefully selected and maintained just as carefully.