Tactical tomahawks

I’ve recently expanded from knives to tactical tomahawks and in this article I’m going to go over their basic features.

Tomahawk is a kind of axe but it is that and more too. An axe is a simple tool made mostly for chopping or splitting wood.  Even hatchets are utilized for chopping purposes. A tomahawk is much lighter than axe or hatchet and is more used by military men for the various purposes it serves.  The main difference between an axe and a tomahawk is that the handle of an axe is more ergonomic while that of a tomahawk is straight so that when one throws it to a distance, the grip can be released smoothly and swiftly.

Uses: Though it can be used for these jobs, it should not be used only for these purposes. It is used mostly by soldiers because it serves multiple purposes. One, it can be thrown at targets or even for close-combat.

Two types of tomahawk

There are two main types of tomahawk, one is tactical tomahawk and the other is throwing tomahawk.  A tactical tomahawk is a multipurpose tool and used by army and others as well. Throwing tomahawk is the one as the name says, for throwing. They are made to throw and now, there are even competitions to decide who throws best.

Choosing the right tomahawk

They are durable and can be used for various purposes and hence tomahawks are very useful tools. You have to know about its different parts so that you can choose the best one.

Head: There are different types here to choose from, there is single, double of spike, flat back head. One of the popular tomahawks is the one with a spike and double head. An advantage of such a tomahawk is that one side can be used for cutting purposes and the other as a precision tool. One with a single head is good enough but you should remember that it is ideal only for certain jobs and not for all.

Cutting edge: If you wish to use the tomahawk for chopping purposes, then a heavier head will be needed. The best tactical tomahawks are the ones with circular cut-outs at their head and gives good cutting edge without being too heavy. If the cutting edge is narrow, it will be useful for good strikes with less force.

The length of the handle: You should choose the handles for the purpose of the tomahawk. A longer handle is useful for butchering, chopping and even for opening heavy vehicles in emergency situations. The short handled tomahawks are ideal for close combats, throwing and also great for precision cutting.

Weight: The tomahawks that are available today are much lighter in weight than compared to the older ones, which were quite bulky. Though light, they are still stronger and serve multiple purposes.

Thus, when you go to buy a tactile tomahawk, first decide why you are buying it, rather how you will be using it. No matter, what type you buy, it will serve a whole lot of purposes and thus buying one is a wise idea for anyone.