Gerber LMF II survival knife Review

Are you looking for a genuine military survival knife? Then you should take a look at this Gerber LMF II review. The knife is suitable for a variety of tasks such as camping, gardening and even being deployed in a war zone.

A welcome bonus is that this knife made in the United States and it costs much less than you’d think.


Length 27.3 cm
Blade length 12.5 cm
Weight 330 g
420HC steel
Price: $$$


This Gerber blade uses 420HC stainless steel.  This steel is tough and highly resistant to corrosion, and the longevity of a sharp cutting edge is one of the most important elements in choosing a knife.  High carbon steels are stronger but lose lose out to rust due to water/humidity.  The 420HC is therefore a good choice for an outdoor knife.

The drop point blades design and thick knife back contribute significantly to a beautiful handling of the blade.

The Gerber LMF II uses a combined blade, the blade is partially serrated.  A serrated blade is much better for cutting rope, branches and tendrils.

The handle of the LMF II is made from glass reinforced nylon of Zytel.  Zytel is a very strong and durable polymer. In addition, the handle is coated with a thermoplastic rubber and TPV.  TPV is essentially a Vulcanized rubber material, which is superbly durable and resistant to extreme temperatures.  So the grip in good for both warm and cold climates.

There are three different models of the Gerber LMF 2 knives: infantry, survival and ASEK (aircrew survival egress knife). Each knife is the same up to the colors of the handle. The infantry comes in variants black, brown green or Coyote. The survival is only with Coyote Brown. The ASEK is equipped only with a green handle.

This blade has a 3/4 Tang, which means that the metal of blade into the handle is incorporated and goes to about 75{6a9991e43d597d5a54663c050d41b738be82978b6cf0e2db65da79195ba0efd3} of the handle. As a general rule: the longer the tang, the higher is the strength of the blade.


Another review of the Gerber LMF II criticized the knife because it’s not full tang.  That doesn’t really matter, it’s an awesome knife.

The pommel of the knife is pointed in order to allow effective smashing of shellfish, bone, Plexiglas or glass. What is important for the crew of a plane, may save your life a camper, Hunter, or Survivalist.


The LMF II is supplied with a nylon sheath and leg loops for attaching to the thigh or calf.

A nice feature for this separation is integrated V-type knife sharpener. This knife sharpener is easily accessible from the front of the sheath and helps to keep the cutting edge of the knife sharp.

The ASEK is aimed only at the police and military customers. The main distinction to the other knives is that it has been specially treated to reduce the infrared radiation. This effect reduces the IR signature of the soldier in hostile surveillance.


The Gerber LMF II knife is a great tool for almost any task you can think of.  It works just as well for a professional soldier, as for the occasional hiker. The true beauty of this knife is that it is very high quality, but has a very reasonable price. The LMF II comes with a Gerber lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship.